Sunday, January 6, 2013

an error occured

who would thought that if you battery is unproperly connected . this would happen. your kmph meter will go up and down. i was on the way to cameron highland when this happen. and it really shocked me. wonder if the ecu or engine allready broken less then a year. thx god its not broken. so you might check your battery cable once in a while. thx god my friend work at proton and i still have my warranty. maybe i should buy one of those obd 2 scanner

 the obd scanner i wanted using android torque
 when this happen.
it happen again

Sunday, December 9, 2012

smells nice

hahaha. like the title said (wangi) i try following this guys tips putting ambi pur

and its bit different for flx since the lock is at the left. i will show a pic of me putting the fragrance in my cabin filter.

 this is my compartment 

 To pull this you need to check the video. its not so hard

after finally pulled out my comparment

 here is the filter lock the difference in BLM and FLX is the lock is at the left for FLX and right for BLM

 here is the lock for FLX

 After pulling out the cabin filter lock
Pull the filter out

 Walao. cheap cabin filter. proton should give the paper filter i think. after pulled out this filter i found out i has a lot of dust. clean it first.

see the aircond vent. alot of dust. now at night and im outside dont have vacum. later need to vacuum this.

owh yeah. before you start do buy this or other similiar to this. but not those cheap 1 like 2 ringgit stuff or what. if you want your car to smell nice without wasting 40-50 bucks. since i used to used 40-50 buck for 2 month buying fragrance that put on aircond out.

i used to use this to put on my left and right aircond. and it cost about 15-20 for 1 piece. and the refill cost 10 for 1 piece. damn pricey. only last for 2 month.

and this i put at the rearview mirror just to make my car smell nice. this cost about rm10 if i wasn't mistaken.

cheap. 2 for 8.50

get the thing inside this thing

 this small can stand for 60 days? we should try this first

 put it here.

 den put the cabin filter back

closed it and lock the filter lock

2nd picture of locking the filter lock

done. walao.

 put your comparment back. den walao. start your aircond and smell the change.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hit and run?

Few days ago I wash my car. Then suddenly I realised something is strange. Wtf. Somebody just hit my car and run. It's not a big scratch but it's kinda ruin my mood. Damn. Who the fuck did this. What luck do I have. Haiyooooo....

created a FLX PERAK CLAN @ FPC

FPC is FLX PERAK CLAN. i created this to find friends since i miss my FBS moments with SPOCIAN. havent had tt with them for awhile now. miss you guys!!!

do visit and like this page

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


need to find rm 1k before march 2013. damn.. i need more events to take. i need to pay the insurans later. and the road tax. nearly 1k total all. aiyooo. the car is nearly a year allready. times go fast so quickly. havent wash my car for a while now. maybe today i should wash it. but now its raining season. later rain then need to wash again. aiyooooo. damnnnn

Monday, November 26, 2012

i can fly?

the flx. very slow pickup and response for me. but at least i can speed to 180 without that tinggling feeling. hahaha. quite good. but i still miss my FBS. the carb is the best. maybe i should change a few things in this flx. but it's still under warranty and the insurans is still damn high. aiyooo........ need to stabilize my bussines a bit more.

 resting for a while
 go go go laju lagi.
not so clear

sorry for not having post for while

i was busy stabilizing my work. need to find more money. but i'll make sure to post more often